Angel’s Envy Established

, 2006 : Angel's Envy was founded by Lincoln Henderson and his son, Wes, in 2006. Bacardi Ltd. acquired the brand in 2015, and a year and a half later, opened the new distillery in downtown Louisville.


 Woodford Reserve Brand Established

, 1996 : Woodford Reserve looks old, but the brand was actually released by Brown-Forman in 1996. The distillery is the original Pepper Distillery from 1812.


 Makers Mark Distillery Established

, 1954 : T. William "Bill" Samuels Sr., purchased the "Burks' Distillery" in Loretto, Kentucky, for $35,000 on October 1, 1953. Production began in 1954, and the first run was bottled in 1958.


 Heaven Hill Established

, 1935 : Shortly after Prohibition ended Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., was founded in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Shapira family to produce and market Bourbon and premium American Whiskys. Today, the company is the largest independent, family-owned and operated distilled spirits supplier in the country.


 Brown-Forman Established in Kentucky

, 1870 : Brown-Forman, now one of the worlds largest producers of whiskey, was established in Kentucky in 1870 by half brothers, George Garvin Brown and JTS Brown. Old Forester was their premier bourbon.


 Rye Whiskey Famous Before Bourbon

, 1796 : Henry Crowgey's book, Kentucky Bourbon, uses multiple sources to show that between 1796 - 1812, rye whiskey was the preferred beverage and distillate to corn-based spirits. A Lexington firm wanted to hire a distiller with "good clean rye," and a Louisville grocery store offered both Old Rye Whiskey and common rye whiskey. He writes, "Writers of a later day have been somewhat remiss in referring almost solely to corn distillates."
Source: Crowgey, H. (2013) Kentucky Bourbon, the Early Years of Whiskey Making. University Press of Kentucky. 44.


 Jacob Beam Sells Whiskey

, 1795 : According to, Jacob Beam sold his first barrel of "Old Jack Beam" in 1795.


 Kentucky Founded

, 1792 : Kentucky was established as a state on June 1, 1792.
Source: Wikipedia - Kentucky

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