Pennsylvania Founded

January, 1681 : Pennsylvania was founded in 1681 by William Penn. Soon, Scotch-Irish and German immigrants would move west and start distilling rye whiskey known as "Monongahela Whiskey."


 Jacob Beam Born in Pennsylvania

, 1760 : Born Johannes Jacob Beam on February 9, 1760. Jacob was the fourth of five children. His parents were Nicolaus and Margaretha Boehm. It's thought that his father changed their last name to "Beam" to make it more American


 Whiskey Rebellion

February, 28 1794 : The Famous uprising of Farmers and Distillers in Western Pennsylvania. Years of aggression between citizens and tax collectors led to the big protest. Besides a few flesh wounds, no one was hurt, and it demonstrated the strength of the new Federal government.


 George Washington Pardons the Whiskey Rebels

, 1795 : A year after the Whiskey Rebellion, President George Washington pardoned the participants of treason.
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