The First Whiskey Tax in Scotland

January, 1644 : In 1644, the Scottish Parliament imposed an Excise Tax on distilled spirits. The tax was 13p on a third of a gallon. This led to a rise in illicit distillation, the world's first bootleggers!
Source: T. Fairley, The Early History of Distillation, 580. Stewart, L. (2016) Rethinking the Scottish Revolution, Oxford University Press, 202.


 First Substantiated Record of Whiskey Distillation in Scotland

January, 1494 : The details are hazy, but the first record of Scottish Whiskey distillation was requested by King James IV to Friar John Cor. He had enough malt to make 1,500 bottles.
Source: Singer, C. (1954). A history of technology, Vol. 2. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

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