The Dawn of Drinks

, 1000 : The long history of wine, cider, and beer dates back to 5,000 BC, wine 7,000 BC. The earliest recorded evidence distilled beverages for consumption dates from the 11th century in Europe, although archeologists have found what may be apparatuses for distillation in India and China that date back much earlier, 1st century BC for India and even earlier for China. The picture above is from the first century AD and shows monks with wine barrels. This WhiskeyWiki will focus primarily on the distillation of cereal grains, and how new technology, resources, and consumer tastes influenced the rise of distilled spirits.
Source: Singer, C. (1954). A history of technology, Vol. 2. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

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This is an incredible tool. I had no idea that whiskey had such a rich international history.

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